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SEAT Company Car Drivers

When you're choosing your next company car, we know how important low running costs are. That's why as well as providing the highest levels of comfort, safety and performance, our multi-award-winning SEAT business cars boast low emissions across the range – reducing your running costs and your benefit-in-kind taxation. You’ll also benefit from our unique 4-day test drive across the range. Take a look at our innovative model line-up, and you’ll see why SEAT business cars are the perfect choice.

Boot of red SEAT Alhambra
Man stood by parked Red ibiza

Company Car Tax Calculator

You’re liable for company car tax if your company car is classed as a ‘Benefit-in-Kind’. Calculate BIK tax rates and work out the amount of tax payable on SEAT business cars.


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Running Costs

When considering your next company car there’s more to consider than just the benefit-in-kind tax costs.


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